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Heating Repair Services In New Jersey or NJ


Heating Repair Services In New Jersey

Are you seeking Heating Repair Services in New Jersey? If yes, then you came to the right place. Having a fully functioning heating system keeps your family cozy and warm in the cold winter months. If you’re having trouble keeping the temperature up, reach out to Rooter Drain Service. Our team of licensed technicians offer innovative heating repair services for homes in New Jersey and New York. For over 24 years, our team has handled all kinds of heating repair services in your area. Give our team a call by phone to receive assistance with a malfunctioning furnace or heating system.

Our experienced team can tune-up or repair your:

  • Furnace
  • Heat pump
  • BoilerHelping you get back to living life comfortably.

    Furnace Repair Services

    Do you hear weird noises in your home such as banging or whistling? Maybe there are cold or hot spots in your house, or it smells like rotten eggs. You could even be seeing a higher than average or rising energy bill. All of these are signs that your furnace needs to be repaired. We offer exceptional heating and furnace repair services to homeowners in areas such as Jersey City, Haverstraw, Newark, Pomona, and Tom’s River. Our team has experience with a variety of furnace brands and models. Common furnace problems include bad airflow in your home, strange smells, activation issues, and strange noises. Our technicians will perform an inspection of your furnace to diagnose and resolve the issue. So no matter what problem you’re facing, we can handle it.

    7 Types of Furnace Noises

    A fully functioning furnace is quiet and should be unnoticeable when it’s in use. Some noise is normal—a pop or click when it first turns on, and a dull hum as it works. Older furnaces can emit more noise than newer ones. But none of these noises should be disruptive to your family. If your furnace is making any one of the following noises, it’s time to get a professional heating technician to help.

    1. Grinding or Scraping Sounds

    Hearing a grinding or scraping sound? This could mean dry bearings within the blower motor. Regularly lubricating these bearings will ensure the furnace is properly maintained.

    2. Rumbling Noises

    If you hear a loud rumbling sound after a heating cycle is complete, this is a sign that fuel is continuing to burn in the combustion chamber. This could lead to serious complications to the burners, flame sensors, and pilot light. It also increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is why it is so important to be aware of these unusual noises and what they mean. We offer reliable heating repair services for malfunctioning furnaces in areas such as Jersey City, Pomona, Paterson, Haverstraw, and Newark. Our team will perform an inspection of your heating system to confirm the source of the strange noises. We will fix the damaged components to eliminate rumbling noises in your system.

    3. Squealing Sounds

    Various issues with the blower motor can cause that squealing noise you’re hearing. One common cause is a loose belt, but there could be other issues at play.

    4. Thumping Noises

    Thumping sounds are a sign of an unbalanced motor or blower wheel. These are two major furnace parts, so get this checked out by a professional for repair right away.

    5. Popping or Banging Sounds

    You might hear pops or bangs when the furnace begins a cycle. Warm air hitting the cold metal of the air ducts expands and makes the sound. If the pops are louder, the burners might be dirty. This simple explanation can lead to a bigger problem if left unattended. Gas can accumulate and could crack the heat exchanger and requires your furnace to be repaired.

    6. Humming Noises

    Louder than usual humming can indicate an issue with the fan or capacitor. Your furnace is supposed to hum as it runs, but keep an ear open for it being louder than usual or hearing it when the furnace is off.

    7. Clicking Sounds

    Clicking is normal when the furnace turns on and off, but not during the cycle. This can mean there’s an issue with the compressor or control panel.

    Heat Pump Repair Services

    We offer dependable heat pump repair services for homes in New York and New Jersey. Heat pumps are designed to heat and cool your home which is why it is so important to keep them functioning properly. If these systems start to malfunction, call us for all your troubleshooting needs at (201) 315-6655. We offer convenient heating repair services in your area and are committed to restoring the safety and comfort of your home.

    3 Types of Heat Pump Problems

    The three main problems we encounter with heat pumps include:

    1. Heat Pump Does Not Run

    If your heat pump is not working, it could be a power issue. Make sure it’s receiving power by checking the socket is switched on. It could also be a blown fuse. If this is the case, simply reset or replace the fuse. Alternatively, it could be your thermostat. Your thermostat might need adjustment or it might need to be replaced.

    2. Not Heating or Cooling Correctly

    If your thermostat is set to the temperature you want and your heat pump is not working, check the vent cover. If this is closed, it will prevent air circulation. A blocked air duct will also prevent proper heating and cooling. You also want to make sure the coils are clean because dirt can accumulate and clog the coils. Our technicians offer credible heating repair services for broken heat pump systems in areas such as Newark, Sloatsburg, Tom’s River, Haverstraw, Jersey City, and Pomona. Our team will disassemble and analyze your heat pump to determine why it is not heating or cooling your home correctly.

    3. Blower Not Working

    A broken belt could prevent the heat pump blower from functioning. It’s difficult to repair a broken belt so buying a new one will ensure that the connection between the pump blower and the motor is functioning. Alternatively, your heat pump might be frozen due to harsh weather conditions. You might need to defrost the condenser unit.

    Boiler Repair Services

    If your boiler needs repair or a tune-up, look no further. We will inspect, adjust, and test your boiler to make sure it is working properly. Getting your boiler tuned up can prevent breakdowns and costly repairs down the road and overall maximizes its lifespan.

    Heating Repair Services by Rooter Drain

    Your comfort and satisfaction are our number one priority. At Rooter Drain Service, we won’t stop working until your heating equipment is running properly. You also have our workmanship guarantee—if any of our technicians create a mess or do not complete the job in a timely manner, we will refund a portion of the purchase price to you. We offer exemplary heating repair and maintenance services in areas such as Jersey City, Pomona, Newark, Sloatsburg, Elizabeth, Haverstraw, and Tom’s River. We strive to be fair and reasonable while getting the job done right. Give our team a call to receive help with a damaged heating system.